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Inventive Writing Post Round-up #14

Here is my weekly collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog.  You can also always find prompts here.

#96 Identify three turning points in your character’s life (or yours).  Look for “road not taken” times.  How did these experiences affect the person your character (or you) are today?

#97  "There are three things that scare me," she said.  "Spiders, clowns, and jack-o-lanterns."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because when I was a little girl…….."

#98  "Pie or cake, which do you prefer?" Mandy asked the dinner table.



One by one they went around the table and told which they preferred and why.  The best story was the one told about the time that….

#99 Write about the most recent time your character (or you) saw his mother. Doesn’t matter if it was years ago, or yesterday.  What does she look like? How do you feel about her? What happened during this visit?

#100 Never say never, because as soon as you do, the universe will slap you in the face.  What has your character said she would never do that she later ended up doing?

#101  Write about your best Halloween and your worst Halloween.  Do this for yourself—and your main character.

#102  All Soul’s Day.  Day of the Dead.  A day to honor one’s ancestors.  Who is the most influential of your ancestor?  The most colorful?  The most scandalous? The most fun?  The most famous?  The richest? The poorest? The happiest?

Write a little bit about each one and then select an ancestor to write more about.

 How is your writing going?

0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Post Round-up #14

  1. J.D.

    #96 Yep, I avoided jail.
    #97 I was much braver as a child.
    #98 Pie . . . maybe cake. Some choices are not easy.
    #99 Long time ago and I so miss her.
    #100 I said I would never self-publish.
    #!01 Four days ago. The dog ran wild through the neighborhood. We gave chase in cold misting rain.
    #102 My ancestry is easily traced. It stops in Kentucky 4 generations back. I wonder if ancestry in the South is like cuisine. New Orleans aside, we really don’t have a food history of any interest.

  2. J.D.

    Garden and Gun! LOL

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    It is very, very southern.  Where else could you have a magazine named that?

  4. J.D.

    Then I find out there is such a magazine! Even funnier. The website cover of Garden and Gun looks cool. The picture on the aforementioned article is telling: Any description of Southern cuisine starts with breakfast. We do breakfast the way Episcopalians do Christian funerals–better than anyone. We have one glaring downfall: Do you take a red or a white with breakfast? There ends our cuisine discussion. Ahhhh, Nashville. King of the meat and three and symphony. I will be signing “Dollface” there December 6.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    J.D.–where will your reading be?  I'm on a couple of FB groups that have people based mostly in Nashville and I will spread the word.  And while southerners may do breakfast better than anybody, we here in Portland take the prize for brunch.  We love weekend brunch.  It is not unusual to see people in line in the pouring rain at the best brunch spots.  Yeah, we're weird.  At least we know it.

  6. J.D.

    The signing is at McKay Books. I’ll have to refresh my mem on the time. I’ll give you shout. I’m looking forward to it. Brunch is definitely a different animal. Some of my most memorable meal have been brunch. Brunch with a Bloody Mary (when you need one) . . . well, I’ve done that but I’m putting it back on my bucket list.

  7. Charlotte Dixon

    J.D., I love McKay's.  Do let me know the details and I'll share.

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