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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #25

Here is the latest collection of posts from my Tumblr blog.  There's more prompts here.  And you can download a whole book of them here.  Oh yeah, and there's one less prompt than usual because last Sunday we drove to Seattle and back (eight hours total in the car) to attend the 100th birthday party of my husband's aunt.  It was a glorious day, reconnecting with cousins and visiting with said aunt.  But I totally forgot about doing a prompt.

#171  He hated when he overslept.  Because, there was nothing you could do about it—that time was lost.  Lost to sleep.  So to make sure it never happened, he….

#172  It was a crushing disappointment.  What does your main character do to recover?

#173  Use the words hoar frost, purple, poem and beast in a sentence.  Then use that sentence as a prompt.

#174  "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."  Annie Dillard. How does your main character spend his/her days?

#175  Write about the resolution your character has kept.  Now write about the resolution he/she has broken.  Why does he want to accomplish those things in the first place?  What stands in the way of her doing them?

#176 She was tired.  So tired.  And she dealt with being tired the way she always did.  First, she …..

How did you writing go this week? (I'm almost done with the rewrite of my WIP!)


0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #25

  1. J.D.

    We’re at the same stage on WIPs. Hopefully, there will still be people who read in a font other than video.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    You bring up one of my pet peeves, which is the assumption that everyone is mad for video. I get impatient with it. I’m a fast reader, as I’m sure many writers are, and I can scan a page of information much faster than I can listen to someone telling me about it. Usually I end up clicking away.

    And–woot woot on the WIP! I find myself sort of dragging my feet, not quite wanting to be done. Weird, I know. Have a good week, my friend.

  3. Zan Marie

    I love 171 and 174! BTW, your Jan. 16 prompt in the book sparked a fabulous blog post that goes live on Feb. 3. Thank you, once again for lighting up my writing life!

  4. J.D.

    Those two have common DNA.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh Zan Marie, this makes me so happy!  I can't wait to read the blog post!

  6. Zan Marie

    Add #176 and make them triplets! ;-)

  7. Charlotte Dixon

    I love you guys.

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