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Wednesday Within: Notes to Self 2015

(With thanks to the Kath Eats Real Food blog for the inspiration. This is one of an occasional personal post I started doing last year.)

Self, this year I would like you to remember: Bloc_note_paper_266924_l

–You really do have time to write Morning Pages every day and they will get ideas flowing and set your day up for success. 

–Working on the WIP novel immediately after Morning Pages will make you feel good about yourself and your life all day.

–You're not the CEO of a major company.  There is no email or phone call that needs answering before 8 AM.

–Protagonist is not spelled protaganist, the way you always spell it.

–And furthermore, seperete is actually spelled seperate.  Really, it is.

–Writing a novel "is like reconstructing the whole of Paris from Lego bricks." Amos Oz.  Remind yourself of this often.

–While we're on the subject of Paris, remember on bleak days that there's a sojourn in the city of light in your near future.

–When you think there's something wrong with a scene–there is.  Figure it out.

–Speaking of which, you know more about your WIP than you think.

–All you have to do to start is just open the file and look at it.

–Yes, you will get through the middle.  You will.

–Remember how much better you feel when you get up every 30 minutes!

–Stretching every morning will make you feel much better.

–And so does drinking lots of water. Plus, when you drink a lot of water, it helps you get up regularly.  Duh.

–Remembering to breathe fully makes you feel best of all!

–Do the most important thing first.

–The most important thing is, 9 times out of 10, working on your WIP.

–I give you permission to underline and make notes in your books.

–It is already starting to get light later and next time you look up from your computer, it will be spring.

No whining on they yacht.  You're one of the luckiest humans on the planet.

Okay.  Those are my things I want to remember this year.  (I reserve the right to add to them as the year goes on.) What are yours?  

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0 thoughts on “Wednesday Within: Notes to Self 2015

  1. Dyoung

    I love it. I need to tell myself a list of things too! Mainly, falling asleep by 10 and getting up by 6 will not turn me into a crazy person any more than falling asleep by 11 and being up by 7 does….why is one hour so difficult?
    But morning pages are going great! It has turned other switches on and I have gotten a lot done this week. But no definite writing…yet. All things in due time I suppose.

  2. J.D.

    This might get me into morning pages–notes to myself. Charlotte, are there psychological acrobatics involved with the way you spell protaganist? It’s almost “against.” This is like the signs they printed over the cabinets of fire apparatus: Break this glass if you need counseling.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    I love that–“it turned other switches on.” Such a great description and I’m so glad the pages are working for you! Also, in my experience once you get used to it, rising earlier becomes routine. Try getting up earlier in 15 minute increments!

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh I love that, J.D.! I hadn’t thought of that at all–protagonist= against. And I still have to stop and think every time I write it out, and most of the time I write it wrong the first time.

  5. Dyoung

    Perhaps daylight savings will help? But that is so far away yet and it may backfire. I need to get it settled soon. The 15 min increments is a good idea. I’ve heard that before when my kids were little. I may try it myself.
    And who doesn’t love a switch here or there turned on?!:)

  6. Dyoung

    I rely on spellcheck for that one!

  7. Charlotte Dixon

    🙂 I pride myself on being a good speller–but there are a couple of words that always trip me up.

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