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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #46

Herewith, the latest collection of writing prompts from my Tumblr blog, where I post a prompt a day. I hope they help you write tons and tons this week!

#316  They tell me I should never have let anyone know what happened.

#317  “Honey, I’m home!”

Your main character’s significant other just walked in the door.  How does she/he react? With joy or dread? Eyes lighting up or shoulders slumping? Excitement or fear? 

Write about their reaction and what happens next.  

#318  Does your main character like to pretend? Maybe he likes to pretend he is married to someone else. Or she likes to pretend she lives in Paris.  Or he likes to pretend he is happy.  Write about all the ways your character (and maybe you) pretend.

#319  “Why, I remember when you were just a little tyke,” she said. “And, um, look at you now.  What in the hell happened to you?”

#320  “All at once I hear your voice, and time just disappears.”  Bonnie Raitt

Whose voice does your main character want to hear? Who do they miss?

#321  Is your main character an outdoorsy type or one who prefers being inside?  If he’s an outdoorsy type, write about how he feels when forced inside.  If she’s an inside type, write about how she feels when she must be outside.

#322  She breathed a huge sigh of relief, because the thing she’d been struggling with was over at last.  Or was it?  Because all of a sudden….

How's your writing going?  What are you working on?

0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #46

  1. J.D.

    #320 “All at once I hear your voice, and time just disappears.” I think voices can do that, take you back to other times.
    Did you know Raitt’s parents were musical people, her father a Broadway singer and her mother a pianist? I know this because I looked her up after I heard her 2012 cover of a Gerry Rafferty song, RIGHT DOWN THE LINE. I love Gerry Rafferty’s music. He died in 2011–not a good thing. Her cover is good but I like the original. Musicians, through their work, have put up little signposts through my memory: The Moody Blues, Rafferty, Amy Lee, Ed Sheeran.
    And 320 is right, it’s not just singers, voices of friends and lovers lend us the power of time travel. Sometimes you don’t even have to hear the voice–you want to–but just trying to call it up can take you back to those moments you treasure.

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