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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #48

Ah, yes, better late than never.  It is Saturday, albeit nearly time for Happy Hour in my neck of the woods, and here is my latest collection of writing prompts for you.  I've not been dallying around, I've been teaching all day–a fine group of local students who showed up despite forecasted temperatures of 102 degrees.  The good news is that the temps haven't been quite that high and all the attendees were wonderful.  So here are the prompts:

#330 She grabbed the envelope, tore it open and then shrieked in ______________ (delight, horror, sadness, laughter, etc.)

#331  The explosion woke her from a sound sleep.

#332  I once knew someone who ate a candy bar and washed it down with a Coke every afternoon. This ended when he was diagnosed with diabetes.  And then there was the friend who I watched eat a whole half a pie one night.  He was a recovering alcoholic.

Does your main character have a sweet tooth?  How does this manifest in his or her life?

#333 Ocean or mountains? Which does your main character prefer?

#334  Life’s a bitch, and then you die.  True, or not true? What does your main character think?

#335  If your main character were to choose one word that would sum him or her up, what would it be?

#336  Choose yourself a council of mentors.  They can be dead or alive.  Write about why each one of them inspires you.  Now do the same for your main character.

0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #48

  1. J.D.

    #333 Oceans! He likes the ocean. He likes the seafood and the waves and the walks on the beach. Mountains are good, especially in the summer. We are famous for getting it bassakwards, going to the beach in July. But he’s a far south guy. Loves the wardrobes.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    I'm pretty much an ocean girl.  But there's something about that mountain air….

  3. Dyoung

    333- how about mountains on the way to the ocean? Or the gulf rather.

    My girl? She’s mountains only. The thought of ocean or water never even surfaced….at least not in #1…

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Best of both worlds! I love it!

  5. J.D.

    #1? As in story or book?

  6. Dyoung

    My current WIP. Which is a book.
    Perhaps I will bring a bit of lands edge into future novels…

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