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Charlotte Rains Dixon  

5 Things on Friday: I’m Baaaaack Edition

Peyrlower3Where I've Been: Europe. Spain and France, to be specific. I was there for our annual Let's Go Write workshop, which this year focused on structure and was a grand success.  This year it was held in Collioure,  a lovely seaside town in the south of France.  And guess what? Despite a busy teaching, sight-seeing, and cavorting schedule, I wrote a whole chapter–5,000 words–while in Collioure.  So to those of you who have asked if we really get any writing done, the answer is yes.

What I Saw: An Asian couple falling prey to scammers near Notre Dame, houseboats I want to live in on the Seine, a huge un-neutered pit bull at a sidewalk Tapas bar in Barcelona (apparently neutering male dogs is not a thing over there), stone steps up the side of the hill in Collioure and another beastly set leading to an ancient castle ruin, a fascinating medieval cloister with old stone carvings, one of the most beautiful villages in France, the amazing Sagrada Familia, heated towel racks, a precious little needlework stor  in Paris, and more, much, much more. (I took tons of photos throughout the trip, and you can see them all on my Instagram feed.)

What I Ate and Drank: Orangina by the quart (funny–I don't drink pop here at all, ever);  red wine by the gallon (the wines of the Languedoc region are superb and cheap); a divine confit du canard (duck) our last night in Paris, tomato toast at every Tapas bar (they don't call it that but I do),so much entrecote and frites (steak and fries) I finally got sick of it, tons of pate, cheese, and excellent French bread.  Also amazing butter, tomatoes, radishes, and melon.  Oh! And the jamon (ham) and sausage in Spain.  J'adore.

What I Read/Watched:  I only read one book while gone–Splinters of Light by Rachael Herron.  I love her books but this one was my least favorite.  One reason I didn't get a lot of reading done was because I've learned that watching movies on the loooooong (11 hour) plane trip makes the time go faster.  Sort of.  On the trip from Atlanta to Barcelona, I watched Life Itself, the documentary about Roger Ebert, which I highly recommend, and True Story, which was a meh for me.  On the flight from Paris to Salt Lake City, I watched: Finding Vivian Maier, Before Sunrise, The Rewrite, and Still Alice.  I liked all of them.  And I think every writer should watch The Rewrite–its about a failing screenwriter, who, in desperation, takes a teaching gig at a small New York college.  And plus, its Hugh Grant! 

I am currently reading Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse, a book I bought at the gift shop at Perpeyteuse, and Big Magic, Elizabethe Gilbert's book on creativity.

What I'm Excited About: The CNN app on my phone.  I can stream news live while I cook! I watched coverage of the Pope in America as I made an Ina Garten Tri-Berry Crumble for my husband's birthday.  Its as good as having a TV in the kitchen.  And, most especially, meeting the new member of our family, who is not here yet.  My daughter is due to deliver her second boy any day now.

I'm also excited about fun, creative events coming up this fall, like a day-and-a-half publishing workshop Debbie and I will be putting on in November (dates TBA soon, we've had to change them rather abruptly), my novel-writing class, and more juiciness to come!

Image of Peyrepeteuse, home of the beastly stone steps,  from this site.

0 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday: I’m Baaaaack Edition

  1. J.D.

    Football can be so depressing. Witness Auburn in the glow of their new scoreboard losing to Mississippi State. And Oregon . . . who would’ve predicted Utah drilling the Ducks. So how is it possible that I feel good? When I don’t go to church, the first three hours of Sunday morning belong to me. I watched a little pigskin replay. Then I listened to Muse, followed by Florence and the Machine. Not bad considering my ears are forever locked in the 60s–sort of.
    Happy birthday to Steve. May your grandchild come safely into the world. Happy Sunday.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh man, that was the worst game ever.  Ever.  Horrible.  But, its not the end of the world.  And despite the fact that I've been up since 4:30 (guess I'm not done with jetlag yet), I'm feeling good this morning, too.  Its a beautiful day here!  Still no baby yet.  Lots of work to do.  A novel I'm loving writing.  Life is good.

  3. Zan Marie

    Welcome back! I missed seeing you at the WFWA Retreat in Albuquerque. We had a smashing good, creativity on overdrive, good time! You need to check out Kimberly Brock’s TinderBox ideas.

  4. Dyoung

    Glad to have you back! Hopefully your jet lag has lifted a bit by now. Thank you for always keeping us motivated and filled up with ideas!

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    I saw some photos on Facebook–hope to be there next year!  Looked like a great time.  Okay, tell me more about the TinderBox thing, I'm all ears!

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    And thank you for reading so regularly!  (I think jet lag is abating at last.)

  7. Zan Marie

    Kimberly is an expert at getting to your creative core. Check this out.

    You’ll be glad you did.

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Zan Marie!

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