Otherwhere: Unusual Monday Edition

typewriter_machine_write_266203_lIt has been a good week for interesting links around the web, and I have saved several in my travels.  As regular readers know, I usually do this post on Saturday.  But this week on Saturday, I was co-leading a workshop called The Ins and Outs of Publishing, which was held at an awesome bookstore, Another Read Through.  And then yesterday was one of those days when I just didn’t get near the computer much.  Which brings us to Monday.  And a wet and dark Monday it is, at least in Portland. So here are some links to brighten your day:

I really liked this prompt from Janice Hardy.

Typewriters are hip again! (My grandchildren love banging away on the antique typewriter that sits in my living room.  They are going to be waaay ahead of their time.)

The role of hope in writing fiction (this is about the actual writing of fiction, not the hope you have while trying to sell it).

Why can’t our fiction be as strange as real life has gotten?

Hate Twitter? Here’s how to master it in 15 minutes a day.

One way to up your productivity as a writer.

And Jane Friedman’s take on her own level of productivity.

The future of publishing remains bright.

“I’ve been hearing about the demise of publishing since the first day I stepped through the doors of a publisher back in 1978.”

And, finally, look at the good you can do when you become the most bestselling author in all the land!


Photo by wax115, found on everystockphoto.com.

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These links look fun though I haven’t clicked on any of them lol. If I don’t view them this afternoon, it’s a no-go. I’m living a novel: My opening sentence came just after Thanksgiving. I’m tumbling through December, the screws tightening every day until the climax on Christmas. Then the resolution, thankfully, on New Year’s. After that, I’ll be back behind the wheel of my own ride. Happy Holidays.


My grandmother taught me to type on her old typewriter, I knew I was getting good when she let me on her electric typewriter!
I can’t for the life of me remember what she had me type over and over and over again to learn..but I was an A student in typing class when I got there in high school!
Something about…..”The time has come for all good men to come to the aid of their country…” or something along those lines…..Gosh. How could I be forgetting this….?


Great post. I’ve been on the road and just got back last week and I’ve been so busy that I have barely had time to come visit. Well, the place is all spruced up and everything since the last time I’ve been able to visit and I must say, I rather like the look of it all! Good to be able to just sit back and rest and read a good blog such as yours Charlotte, so thanks for the time and effort that you put in to it. It’s a great resource and I’m so thankful for it. See… Read more »


Definitely want info on the February workshop…and think about doing one in Seattle – or Kirkland, more precisely. Merry Christmas to you!