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Otherwhere: Monday Distraction

The art of noticing
The art of noticing

The sun is shining in my window! We are having a run of glorious warm, spring-like days.  Here are some of the links that have caught my attention over the past week:


This, about another wildly successful indie author/publisher, will either cheer you or make you sick with jealousy.

Jennifer Louden on the art of noticing, some good advice for writers here.

Thoughts on that topic dreaded to all novelists, theme. (Don’t let the word scare you away–there’s good stuff here.)

Don’t let age stop you from writing.

On choosing viewpoint.

I’m not a fan girl of Chuck Palahniuk, but I did like this article, especially the end.

50 great writing blogs.


I know, this is a blog about writing. But I can’t resist this article about men who knit and the link to the two cool guys from whom I got it.

What are you reading about/interested in/writing about this week?

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0 thoughts on “Otherwhere: Monday Distraction

  1. Jenni Gainsborough

    Loved this from the Older Writer blog post — she says that one of the things that keeps her writing is ” finding characters desperate to tell their stories and giving them a voice.” And I think it is often through that voice that we express the themes that Steven Pressfield talks about.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      I loved that comment, too, Jenni. My takeaway from that post was that most “Older” writers do it for the love of it, because the stories and characters call to them. There were a lot of comments to it and I followed them for a few days but gave up because there were so many of them.

      I often have a hard time with theme, as I think many of us do. Voice is one way we express it for sure. And I’m also realizing as I trudge through this current rewrite that knowing what the story is about at its core has a lot to do with it also.

  2. J.D.

    Warm, spring-like days? As I write this, it is snowing here. I knew the world was upside down. Other than that, I’m glad you are doing well. You do such a marvelous job with the blog. I’ll be reading it when you’re 90. That would make me . . . .

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      I am jealous. I so want some more snow. And thank you for your wonderful compliment. Maybe they will set us up in rocking chairs next to each other at the nursing home. I just home there’s wine.

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