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Dog Days of Summer and Rewriting

wasp_macro_wasp_243277_lI’m back. It didn’t seem like much of a hiatus, at least from this end. And I’m still not finished with the rewrite. But I’m making excellent progress and feel very good about it.  (And, so you don’t think I’m all fakey optimistic, let me just remind you that I sat out most of July working on it because I didn’t know how to approach it.)

I have a couple of brilliant thoughts on rewriting to share, but first, let me tell you a few fun things that happened while I was gone:

  • I got a bee sting while valiantly defending my three-year-old granddaughter from said bee. Her mother is allergic, and we’re not yet sure if Liv is. She’s been stung once, but often the allergic reaction doesn’t occur until the second or third sting. I sure didn’t want to be responsible for anything happening, so I was glad the bee stung me. But it turns out I’m having a fairly intense localized reaction, with my arm red and swollen to about the size of an elephant’s leg. And it itches like a mo-fo.
  • I have a dying root in a tooth. If you’ve never experienced this, it is hard to explain the agony.  And I thought being pummeled by my massage therapist was bad. Also, a helpful note: do not get a toothache in August because every dentist in town is on vacation.  I’m in between dentists because I needed to find a holistic one, aka, one who will not fill my mouth full of mercury. I already have plenty, thank  you very much, and I just went on a nasty three-month cleanse to get rid of it.  Anyway, I have an appointment two weeks hence. Meanwhile, I’m swishing with coconut oil and Listerine and salt water, and using clove oil and Orajel. Also taking lots of ibuprofen, which I know is terrible for me but c’mon, this pain is intense.

Aren’t I a fun date?

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that over with, on to the gems of wisdom about rewriting. Here goes:

  • Every book is its own beast.  You have to honor the shape of what you have, you really do, and listen to how the book responds as you work. Some planned changes just may not work when you actually get to it. For instance, I figured out this elaborate backstory for one of the characters that was just perfect. I planned to fit it in in dribs and drabs. But when I actually got to places it might go, it didn’t fit.  So I had to let it go.
  • Rewriting happens in macro swaths, such as rethinking a character, but the meat of it is in the micro. How a character reacts to the character you’ve rethought, for instance, which you show in dialogue or action.  I’m struck this time through what makers of magic we are–erase one observation from a character’s head and you’ve changed the whole scene. Amazing. Which reminds me of something that used to happen all the time when I was in a writer’s group. I’d bring in a rewrite and people would wax poetic about how much better it was–when really all I’d done was change one or two tiny little things. But that’s the power we wield.
  • It really helps to have someone you can hash out ideas with. I was truthfully sort of scared of my agent at first, but this time through we’ve talked a couple times and emailed about what I’m doing. Also, when Debbie and I went on our writing retreat, we discussed our stories on breaks and at night. It really helps.  Find someone with whom you can brainstorm–or just moan and whine to.

Okay, that’s it, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to go take some more Ibuprofen and ice my elephant’s leg arm. But, I’ve missed you. So please tell me what you’ve been doing this summer and how the writing is going.

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0 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer and Rewriting

  1. Don Williams

    I have a love and hate feeling about rewriting. I hate the actual process of doing so, but after all is said and done, I love, well, mostly anyway, how much better everything ends up.

    I’m glad you sacrificed the pain of a direct attack of a bee for the sake of precious little Liv, but we all know that the fate of the bee was far worse.

    Hope you do well with your orthodontic situation. I, too, soon have to deal with a trip to a new dentist. Somehow, I don’t how, I knocked out a bloody tooth…. and in the front of my stupid looking face to boot, and, believe it or not also badly chipping the tooth next to it! I was helping a friend do some work on Deer Island and I have no idea, since I experienced no pain, in what in hell happened! Life is strange, but then again, I’m even more, or so says my friends.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Oh ouch, Don, your teeth sound much more painful than mine! My appointment is next Monday and the dread is already creeping in…And yes life is strange. Won’t say anything about whether you are or not!

  2. J.D.

    What am I doing this summer? I’ve just had a Subway sandwich. I know it has too much sodium and probably some other ingredients I didn’t study in college chemistry, but it is soooooo good. My wife and I split a 12-incher with a fantastic bottle of Walmart merlot. Life is good. I’v almost finished the 4th rewrite of WIP.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      I should say life is good–you just finished the 4th rewrite, plus you had a Subway sandwich and Merlot. Subway cracks me up. Its been quite awhile since I’ve been there, but last time I was there, I ordered something from the board. You know, one of their specials, in which they list all kinds of luscious-sounding ingredients, like chicken and bacon and avocado. Then the sandwich maker says, “You want chicken on that?” Uh, yeah. “You want bacon on that?” And on down the line. Just put the ingredients you advertise on the damn sandwich! Too funny.

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