I Won An Award

I am sometimes leery of awards, especially in the blogging world, where they often seem to be given out with suspicious frequency. Let me be clear, I'm always deeply grateful to be singled out, but often awards come with requirements that don't fit the goals of this blog.  Requirements like "list your ten favorite flavors of ice cream and then choose ten others with whom to share the award."

Again, deeply grateful, but this blog is not about ice cream.

So when I received an email this morning saying this blog had been chosen as one of the Top 25 Reading & Writing Resources for English Buffs, I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Big deal.  (I'd also not had very much coffee yet.) Sometimes sites like these are blatant come-ons for advertising dollars, just a collection of poorly written posts in between heavy doses of Google Ads.

The email said something about how they'd combed through a gazillion blogs to find the top 25, and so on and so forth, blah, blah, blah.  But I clicked on the link provided.  There were some quality blogs listed–some I'm familiar with, others that are new to me.

And I realized something.

Awards are worth something when they introduce you and me to worthy new blogs, and/or reconnect us with old favorites.  So go check out this site.  You have to weed through some listings that are specific to teaching, but be patient.  There are some good writing blogs to be found there.

I'm in good company, and that makes me happy, no matter what the ulterior motives of the people giving me the award might be.

What about you?  Have you received an award for your blog? How about for your writing?