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Loft-y Tennessee

I am in beautiful Springfield, Tennessee, where there are rolling green fields and the air feels totally different than it does in beautiful Portland, Oregon–mostly because it is warm.  I’m staying at the home of Terry Price, and we are theoretically working on the Loft. No, we are really working on it–we have been chatting […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 

Nashville to New York

Well, I’ve been home over a week now and as a matter of fact I’m taking off tomorrow for New York City. But that is another story and another blog post. Anyway, the time seems right to post my photos from Nashville. Actually, the time was right about a few days ago but I started […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 

Fourth of July Updates

Happy Fourth of July.  It strikes me as amusing that this is one holiday we often refer to by date, as in have a good Fourth.  Rarely do we refer to it as Independence Day.    Think about it–we don’t say Happy Twenty-Fifth for Christmas.  Odd. Updates: Joe Bare sent me a link to a […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 
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Creative Commuting

I’m in LA this week, to see clients and friends.  I flew down here yesterday on the first Alaska flight out of Portland on Monday morning, and the back of the plane was full of creative commuters.  Besides moi, there was the Danish screenwriter that I sat next to.  Across the way, a man was […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 
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