Perhaps All Writers Should Move to England, Where We Will Get the Respect We Deserve

Back from vacation, trying to pull myself out of the deep pit of relaxation induced by long strolls on the sand and much gazing at wave action, I found myself aimlessly surfing the net (of course, I never, EVER, aimlessly surf the internet normally, oh, no).  And what should I find but the most charming statistic about the lovely British:

"According to a new poll, author tops the list of dream jobs for us Britons, with 10% of us hoping to become one." 

God, do we love those Brits or what?

Can you imagine what we Americans would most want to be?  I shudder to think.  Probably a rock star or a NASCAR driver.  Not that I have anything against either profession, mind you.   I just think it is so damn cool that the English admire authors so much.

By the way, in my endless effort to aimlessly surf the net, I mean entertain you, I found the above link to the Rock Star Name site, where you can enter your real name and receive your rock star name in return.

So from now on, just call me Trixie Stone.  Take that, Brits.

Oh, and double by the way, stay tuned to this very blog tomorrow for a very cool announcement.  It is something that has been in the works (read: on hold) for an entire week and being on vacation had nothing to do with it. 

Not one thing, says Trixie.

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