More Friday Fun: Mini-Critiques

So, last Friday I wrote about the death of Festive Fridays and invited guest posts.  I also invited comment on what my Friday feature should be and it turns out a fair number of you wanted examples of good and bad writing.

But I can't do that.

I can't do that because I don't look at writing in terms of good and bad.  I look at it in terms of where it is now, what it is currently accomplishing, and how it could accomplish more. 

So, if you would like some illumination on your writing along those lines, I'm inviting you to send in your work for critique.  I'll alternate critiquing Fridays with guest post Fridays.  Here are the rules, such as they are:

1.  Send ONE paragraph of your work.  I repeat, ONE.  The original idea of having a consistent Friday theme was to make it easier for me to post and if you send more I'll get overwhelmed and have to quit.

2. Put FRIDAY MINI-CRITIQUE in the subject line. Okay, it doesn't have to be in all caps, I just did that for emphasis.  (See below, please.)

3. Tell me a tiny bit about it–ie, its from a novel, a non-fiction piece, etc.

4.  Tell me if you want your name used (and a link) or if you wish to be anonymous.

5.  I will point out 1 to 3 things that are working well, and 1-3 things that could work a bit better.

Okay?  Okay.  I'm excited.  Thanks to all of you who suggested something along these lines, including Ledger, Derek, and Susan.

Did I miss anyone?  If so, forgive me.

ADDENDUM:  The paragraph should be a maximum of 250 words and in case it wasn't obvious from the above, email it to me at

**The photo is of a 17th century Commonplace Book from the Beinecke Library.

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04/30/2010 12:48

Susan, Yes you dare. I will be gentle. As any of my clients can tell you, I’m honest but also very supportive. I promise!

Susan Abraham
04/30/2010 11:14

Do I dare, Charlotte? :-))

Ledger D'Main
04/30/2010 15:29

And a paragraph is how long???—Exactly???
Seems to me that paragraphs come in all sizes, much like donuts. While some are small and tasty others are bulbous and not good for the colon.

04/30/2010 15:30

Ledger, I can always count on you for the good metaphors. And you make a good point. How about a maximum of 500 words?

04/30/2010 15:32

Whoops, 500 words is way too long. Maximum of 250.

Ledger D'Main
04/30/2010 16:20

Damn, I was almost able to send in a S. King tomeagraph…Now I’ll have to edit, edit edit. I think I’ll take the easy way out and delete every other word, that should suffice…

04/30/2010 16:51

COUNT ME IN!!! Look for mine by the end of the weekend…
What a great opportunity!

04/30/2010 17:44

Ledger, I can’t wait to see what results from your, um, editing.

Christi, Yay! I’m so glad you are going to participate!

05/01/2010 12:28

What a great idea, Charlotte, and how generous of you! Not sure I’m ready for it, though…:):)
Love to read you!

05/01/2010 15:30

I don’t know where my previous comment went, but not matter. I’m excited about this new change, also because clowns tend to freak me out, so this is definitely a positive. :)

05/01/2010 15:33

Actually, I think this comment was meant to say how I’m looking forward to sending you some. Love the idea!

05/02/2010 13:36

Mayse, You are a wonderful writer, no need to worry! I promise I’m a nice critiquer.

Jacki, Yay! I’ll look forward to critiquing what you send.