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The art of noticing
The art of noticing

The sun is shining in my window! We are having a run of glorious warm, spring-like days.  Here are some of the links that have caught my attention over the past week:


This, about another wildly successful indie author/publisher, will either cheer you or make you sick with jealousy.

Jennifer Louden on the art of noticing, some good advice for writers here.

Thoughts on that topic dreaded to all novelists, theme. (Don’t let the word scare you away–there’s good stuff here.)

Don’t let age stop you from writing.

On choosing viewpoint.

I’m not a fan girl of Chuck Palahniuk, but I did like this article, especially the end.

50 great writing blogs.


I know, this is a blog about writing. But I can’t resist this article about men who knit and the link to the two cool guys from whom I got it.

What are you reading about/interested in/writing about this week?

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