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Interview About Emma Jean

Good Morning. How does that cup of coffee you've got clutched in your hand taste?  Wouldn't it be even zestier if you had some scintillating reading material to accompany it? Yes? I have just the thing for you. I've got an interview up today over at Jessica Nottingham's blog, Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile, in which I […]

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As The Hoopla Winds Down

I owe you guys a blog post. I've been guest posting and interviewing all around the internet (thank you, everyone) and, indeed, I have one more interview coming up on Tuesday, one I'm very excited about.  But in the hoopla around my book release I've not spent a lot of time, here, at home base, […]

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It’s Emma Jean’s Release Day!

Watch out, world, Emma Jean is here! Today is the official release day of my debut novel, Emma Jean's Bad Behavior.  I promise we'll get back to regular programming (i.e., posts on writing and creativity and the writer's life) but for now indulge me while I celebrate. In truth, the novel has been available at […]

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