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Thanksgiving Gratitude and Giveaway

On this Thanksgiving day, I’m grateful for so much, including, but not limited to: My family and the fact most of them live close to me. (Hello, amazing, brilliant, beautiful and perfect grandchildren!) The rain that is falling outside my window. The sun that peeks through the clouds every so often. My cozy house. (Hello, […]

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Nanowrimo Update: Some Core Truths for Maintaining a Writing Practice

I know. This is like, the ten thousandth blog post you’ve read on Nanowrimo.  I wrote one myself (well, okay, it was sort of about the election, too), and there’s another good one here.   But, here’s the deal. As the headline promised, I’ve been reminded of some helpful core truths about the writing practice […]

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Cutting the Fat

So, my novel manuscript, the one I’m almost done rewriting, originally came in at over 107,000 words. I know.       Waaaaaay too long. “But part of it is recipes,” I told myself. Right. Like maybe 500 words. Under orders from my agent, I’m in the process of cutting it to under 100K. (I’m […]

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Rain and Writing

We woke to rain in Portland this morning and I cheered. I know, I know, but as a native Oregonian, I love the rain. Plus it had been humid (by our standards) for awhile and it felt like we needed a good storm to clear it out.  And that meant I didn’t have to water […]

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