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Promptitude: LA

As you are reading this, I'll in in LA.  Not lounging by the pool, even though I am staying in Santa Monica.  No, I'm at the first Suzanne Evans 10K Coaching Club Intensive, working my little tail off to come up with new and wonderful ways to serve my clients and readers.  Yes, you. And […]

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Off I Go Again

I'm heading to LA tomorrow.  Yep.  Swimming pools.  Movie stars.  Just like the Clampetts.  Except I'll be working the entire time, attending a two-day business intensive that is part of the Suzanne Evans 10K Coaching Club.  Together with 98 other women, I'll be designing a plan for the next stage of my business. Frankly, I'm […]

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There’s Revelation in Deprivation

Hey–before you read this, hop on over to Jodi Milner's blog, My Literary Quest, and read her interview with me.  She asked great questions that I enjoyed answering! For the next couple weeks, I am off coffee and alcohol.  Okay, I get to drink one cup of coffee a day.  But no alcohol.  And no […]

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Promptitude: Hair

After a brief break last week because I was off doing a VIP day, Promptitude is back.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, every Saturday I post prompts on whatever topic suits my whim.  You can read more about the process here, and find a list of all the Promptitudes so […]

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Guest Post: Erica Nelson and Happiness Quotations

I'm pleased to offer you this guest post from Erica Nelson, author of Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness.  Read about her book and enjoy an excerpted passage below.  Be sure to visit Erica's site at www.happinessquotations.com. “Most people pursue pleasure in money, sex and power but are still unfulfilled. Why? Because they are […]

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Do You Lack Writing Time or Writing Energy?

Time.                  It's elusive, isn't it?  Weird how in the same amount of hours on one day you get a ton done and the next day you fritter it away. Time is either the writer's friend, or the bane of her existence, more often the latter.  Nearly every client and student I coach struggles with […]

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7 Ways to Find Ideas

How do you get ideas?  Do you struggle to find them, or do they come to you in an endless flow that is frustrating only because you can't act on all of them? Although most creative types fall into the latter category, I think if we're honest we'll also admit that there are fallow times […]

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Promptitude: Wide Open Spaces

I just got back from visiting southeastern Oregon.  The east side of Oregon is totally different from the west side of Oregon, where I, and most of the state's population, lives.  The east side is basin and range, gold and brown, mesas, cattle, warm, dry, long stretches of wide open spaces. The west side is […]

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On The Road Again

I'm heading out again first thing tomorrow morning.  It is unusual for me to book trips so close together (I got back from Nashville less than a week ago), but it is just the way it worked out this time. Tomorrow's destination is Diamond, Oregon, way over in the southeastern section of the state, a […]

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