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Writing at the Beach

I’m heading to the beach today, with my family, my sister and her family, and my 90-year-old mother, who gets around way more than most 90-year-olds.  She was in Seattle with us last weekend and we took her to San Jose a couple months ago.  She’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, we’re heading to Arch Cape, Oregon.   For years and years and years we had an annual beach vacation, but we’ve not done it the last couple years.  So everyone is really looking forward to it.  Now let me publicly state that the house has internet access.  Which means that I will continue blogging all next week.  Oh, and I’m also planning on working on my novel.  I like to get up early and write, especially at the beach.  But I really, really like it when I get up early and my beloved nephew Luke gets up and I ditch the writing and we go walk on the beach together and look at tidepools instead.

Cannon_beach_02Here is a photo of Haystack Rock, which is located at Cannon Beach, a little north of where we are staying.  Cannon Beach is an artsy, tourist town, fun to visit and go shopping and so forth.  Arch Cape is all residential except for the Arch Cape Grocery and Deli, where they make out of this world cinnamon rolls and cheese bread.  After being thus fortified, my sister and I are going to walk from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach, which is a trudge of about seven miles.  I may be exagerrating, but not much.  None of the other lame-os in the family have thus far agreed to walk with us, since they all did it a few years ago and whined all the way. 

I think I’ll deserve a prize should I actually get any work on my novel done, don’t you?

Image from wikipedia, used under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2

0 thoughts on “Writing at the Beach

  1. Charlotte

    Thank you, Denise, I’ll go check out your blog. So far I’ve had a spotty internet connection here at the beach but I think I’ve got it solved now….so I’m hoping I can post at least every other day. We’ll see.

  2. Denise Mitchell

    Hi Charlotte – I hope you have a wonderful beach vacation! You definitely deserve a prize if you get any work done at all…
    Now that I’ve posted my URL I feel I have a responsibility to blog – which is a good thing, I think. I really appreciate the effort you are putting into this blog – it’s quite a gift to us novices out here!

  3. Pat

    My old home! It was very nice to see a post about Cannon Beach and Arch Cape, I know the area well.Have a fun vacation! I miss the beach.

  4. Charlotte

    Hey, how cool is that? It is cool and rainy down here, but fabulous anyway!

  5. Greg Provance

    Thanks for the reminder that writing (or anything for that matter) at the beach is so connective…
    I think I’ll head up the PCH today!

  6. Charlotte

    Hey Greg,
    I have to admit, I’m not getting any blogging done down here, but I feel like I am relaxing in a way I’ve not been able to in quite some time-refilling the well, so to speak. Hope you enjoyed your drive up PCH, I love it down there, too.

  7. Captain Lifecruiser

    I do hope you’re having a wonderful time at that beach. I go to a Swedish island every summer for about a month and I would find it hard to be with out the sea. It’s something special with the sea, giving such peace.

    OH, what a wonderful thing to have such healthy mother, there I really envy you. Or rather, I wish my mother were like that and she is only 81 this year. She is really fighting, but every joint in her body is badly damaged. *sigh*

    I came her from Blogging To Fame. So now I’m going back there to Fame you 🙂

  8. Charlotte

    I am SO lucky and grateful to have my mother here and doing so well. She is intrepid and cheerful, even if she doesn’t quite follow everything her crazy family is doing. Captain Lifecruiser, I’m so sorry your mother isn’t doing better and will send my thoughts and prayers.


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