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Promptitude: New Moon

Tomorrow is the new moon.  Yesterday we had our first 60 degree day here in Portland (it actually hit 68).  Spring officially began a couple of weeks ago.  New life, new energy and new excitement is blossoming everywhere.

Crescent_moon_luna_103391_l Time for some creative writing prompts that focus on the new.

The thing that I love about prompts is that they are all about the new.  Prompts help you start a project anew, develop an idea anew, inject life into a project anew.  That's lots of anew-ness going on.  And, truly, until your book is published, or you've hit "publish now" on your blog post, or you've sent the article off to your editor, there's always room to look at your project with new eyes.

Prompts work for any kind of project, and they also work for any stage of project.  The thing is, you never know what is going to break you open to a whole new level of understanding.   Sometimes the most random comment, thought, something your read, or, yes prompt, can get your brain spinning in a new way.  So wherever you, use these prompts to kindle the new:

The best way to start over.

April is not the cruelest month.

Let's start at the very beginning.

New moon, new energy, new life.

Spring as sprung.

Spring is the season for…

When starting anew, it is important to remember…

Energy is popping.

The new moon glittered in the sky.

Life blossoms anew.

Have at it!  This week you might also consider using one of the prompts to write a haiku, just to loosen up the flow.  Feel free to share any brilliances that arise.

And remember, if brilliances refuse to rise, maybe you need some help.  Check out my all new Get Your Book Written Now VIP Day.

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