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Stop the Starving Artist Syndrome: Transforming Your Money Story Free Class

Have you ever said (to yourself or someone else) any of the following?

* You've got to be really lucky to succeed as a writer or artist or creative person

* I'll starve if I rely on my income from my creativity

* I'm too tired (old, ugly, stupid, fat, uneducated…) to do what I really love and succeed

* Everybody knows you can't make money as a creative person

* Being creative is just plain hard, and of course you can't make any money at it

Just about every creative person we know struggles with internal dialogue that constantly parrots these thoughts. But guess what? These thoughts are just your story. Nothing more.

And guess what else? This story isn't even true! You've just held onto it for so long that you've come to belief in it. Learn how to change your story into a vibrant, abundant one in our upcoming FREE teleclass!  Announcing:

Stop the Starving Artist Syndrome: Transforming Your Money Story.  A FREE 90-minute content-rich teleclass.

Join me and Gwen Orwiler from Your Strongest Life for this free online class this Saturday.

October 22nd, 11 AM, Pacific time/ 12 noon Mountain/1PM Central/2pm Eastern time

Registration is simple, just email me at charlotte@charlotterainsdixon.com and I'll send you the call-in information.

Note: By registering for this call, you are agreeing to receive information from both Charlotte and Gwen. In other words, you're opting into our lists, both of which are chockfull of fabulous information to help you live a fantastic life.

And even if you're already on my list, email me so I can send you the call-in info, okay?  It's going to be a fabulous call with lots of great information.

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