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December Writing Contest Week Three

Everystockphoto_176620_mI like to call my little December promotion a writing contest, because, after all, you do have to write a comment to win.  But even if you wrote the crappiest comment in the world and the random selector chose you, I would give you the present.  So don't worry about composing the Great American Novel or anything.

Since this is week three, let's do a little recap.

The prize for week one was a Moleskine journal, and the winner was Nicole Wolverton.  (Nicole, I'm still waiting for your mailing address.)

The prize for week two was a set of disposable fountain pens, and the winner was Zan Marie Steadman (who should win prizes all the time simply on the basis of her name). CORRECTION: I have just been informed (see first comment) that it is Zan Marie Steadham, not Steadman.  Sorry, Zan Marie!  I still love your name!

There are two weeks left, but since this week is the week before Christmas (just a little reminder for you, in case you had forgotten), I'm giving away the big one, the Grand Kahuna, the mother of all prizes.


It is a free pass to my Make Money Writing class.  I'm not going to spend a lot of time hyping the class here, because this is about you guys, my wonderful readers, not me.  But you can read more about it on the class page, and let me just say this: people ask me all the time how to make money writing and this is my answer.

And by the way, should you be a non-writing civilian who has chanced upon this page, I'm feeling generous and gracious today, so if you leave a comment you can enter on behalf of a loved one.  Okay? Okay. 

Here's the question you need to answer in order to win (and remember, you're not being judged): If you could be guaranteed that anything you wrote made money, what would you choose to write?

I'll post the winner on Friday, Dec. 23rd, two days before Christmas, according to my calendar.  Don't thank me for the reminder, I like to be helpful.

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The photo is of you writing and making money at it, and its by Zion, from Everystockphoto.

0 thoughts on “December Writing Contest Week Three

  1. Zan Marie

    Ha! Just for my name, huh? Cute, Charlotte. But you misspelled my last name–It’s Steadham not Steadman. Don’t worry, I answer to both of them. Even my mother messed that one up for a while after I married. ; D

    (P.S. Don’t put me in the drawing this week. Share the joy!)

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh dear, Zan Marie, I’m so sorry! As I typed your last name, I was actually thinking, hmmm, just like Oprah’s Steadman, is that right? And I meant to go check. But then I forgot. So please forgive me! I’m actually going to go correct it right now. At least I’m in good company with your mother. 🙂

  3. Zan Marie

    Like I said, Charlotte, No biggie! My hubby is used to it, too. The whole family knows that it’s a far less common spelling. Some day, I’ll have to tell you why it’s spelled Steadham not Stedham. ; )

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Any time, Zan Marie! Sounds like an interesting story.

  5. patricia of Patricias Wisdom

    As much as I need to learn how to make money – I am attempting to do it by Wise Ears my Profession Listening Services – I love writing but having to do it for so many others – well removes some of the fun! Now I am a talented Listener…
    Thank you for writing such a grand comment on Dancing in The Shadows of Love book review on my site today…

    I would win this class for Librarian Girl who is attempting to write her young adult novel while learning to teach school full time…Very talented writer so far, fairly unpublished and incredibly hopeful

    Thanks Good to find you

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Patricia, I love: A. that I found your blog, and B. that you’re entering this contest for someone else. You rock! Thanks for coming by.

  7. Sandra / Always Well Within

    Hi Charlotte,

    Oh, I totally want to win this! Pick me oh random Fairy Godmother. If anything I wrote were guaranteed to make money, I would write a subscription letter where I could deeply reveal my innermost self. Thanks for the chance to win a class. Wishing you love and peace this holiday season.

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    Sandra, Thanks for entering! Your enthusiasm is wonderful and contagious! All the best to you this Christmas also.

  9. J.D. Frost

    I’d write what I write now: mysteries set in the present with things like cell phones and dialogue that sounds like it came from the forties. I’d love to win the class, Charlotte, but don’t be offended if I sit in the back.

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    I love your mysteries, J.D., at least what I’ve seen of them. And you are welcome to sit in the way back–the class will be recorded, making it easy to listen any time! Thanks for your loyal readership.

  11. Carol Hess

    What a fun question! Even though I’m a non-fiction writer, I would write a novel set in Africa. I lived in Burundi and Kenya for five years way back when, and my mother saved all my letters home. So I’ve got some great background material — names of places, etc. Here’s the opening paragraph:

    “Africa cast her spell on me twenty years before I met her. Safe in my little girl bedroom with its four-poster bed and frilly white curtains, I dreamt about the smoky charcoal fires, the distant muffled drums, and the soft sibilant whispers of the African night. Such is the power of Africa.”

  12. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh my goodness, Carol, you must write that novel! I’m already in love with it, from the opening paragraph. I share your fascination with Africa, though I’ve not yet been. I was supposed to go to write a book in November, but some problems with the trip came up. Hoping that it happens next year….thanks for coming by!

  13. Jessica Baverstock

    Can we vote for who should win? Because my vote is Carol!

    I’ve spent a day thinking about my answer and I just can’t narrow it down. So here goes.

    I’d write anything and everything!

    I’d finish up the 5 partial novels I have spinning around my head (and my computer). I’d write my collection of e-books on creativity and then compile it into one bumper book to publish. I’d then start on my idea for my YA series and brush up on my Chinese history for my romance novel set on a tea clipper. I might even dabble in some poetry (gasp!).

    I’d pump out everything that’s been brewing in my head and make room for delicious new ideas.

    But money’s only part of the problem. I need the energy too!

  14. Charlotte Dixon

    Jessica, I love that you’re putting in a vote for who should win, you are just great. You’re also my kind of writer–all those lush ideas spinning around in your brain, waiting to see the light of day. I know you’ll get them out all in good time.

  15. Marrianna Dougherty

    Thanks, Charlotte, for this opportunity to win a workshop with you. I didn’t grab the discounts for the 2 online January workshops and am sorry I missed them. Another time.

    If I could make money with my writing, I’d absolutely LOVE to make money writing with added photographs on my blog. I keep taking online courses and then don’t follow through. My word for 2012 is HEART (via Quinn McDonald’s blog) and my goal is to be positive in 2012 and do my best to dispel negative self-talk and negative other-talk.

  16. Charlotte Dixon

    Marrianna, I have that same disease–signing up for classes or buying products and not doing anything with them. Things changed for me this year when I got very clear on what exactly I want to do. (It pains me to admit this almost happened by accident.) And that, to use an old cliche, separates the wheat from the chaff quite nicely. Also, I think that creative types like us have so many interests there’s always something new and enticing on the horizon. There’s plenty of people in the world who would love to have the creativity gene, so I try to be grateful for my multiple interests.

  17. Rosemary Levesque

    Hi Charlotte. Here it is Friday before Christmas and I am just now discovering your blog. Better late than never, right? Now that I know what you’re up to (yes, I discovered your secrets!) please include me in your drawing. You’ll be happy to know that I am really working on a topic that may become part of a bigger writing project. I can’t wait to see it myself!

  18. Charlotte Dixon

    Hey Rosemary, Glad you made your way here! Alas, this week’s contest is over, but there will be another one starting on Monday so check back then. I can’t wait to hear more about your writing project!

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