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Valentine’s Day Giveaway for Writers WINNER ANNOUNCED

AND THE WINNER IS….KATE ARMS-ROBERTS! Yay, Kate.  Please email me with your address and so we can discuss mechanics of sending me pages.

Okay, here's what you've been waiting for: the next writerly giveaway.  After the success of my Christmas giveways, I've been chomping at the bit to offer another one.  Enter Valentine's Day. (Which is a week and a day away, by the way.  Just reminding you.)

This writerly holiday prize is two part.  Ready?  Here you go:



1.  A Smash journal to keep your ideas in.  I have a blue one of these and it is fabulous, even though I think it is designed for teenagers.  (We're all young at heart here.)  Why is it so fabulous?  Because its got a perfect bound cover, but is spiral-bound inside.  And all the pages are different, so you don't get bored.  But here's the number one reason why it is so flippin' fabulous: because the pen that is attached to it is also a glue stick.  So you can paste things in as easily as you can write in the journal.  As I mentioned, I use it for my idea journal.  (The cool thing about idea journals is that if you gather ideas in them and then close the cover, they mate while you're not looking.)  Check out this link to the Smash journal page of Amazon to read more.


2.  A 25-page manuscript critique from me.  Doesn't matter what you're writing–a novel, a memoir, an article, a creative non-fiction piece or something else, I'll read it and critique it for  you. 

Good deal, huh?

So, by now you are wondering how to get yourself entered in this contest, no doubt.  Here's the skinny:  all you have to do is leave a comment below answering the question, what are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Easy, huh?  You don't even have to confess anything about your writing.  Just tell us what your Valentine's Day plans are, (and if you don't have any that's okay, too, just write about that) and you'll be entered into the contest for the journal and the critique. 

Oh–by the way, check back here on the 15th, when I announce the winner, who I select at random by a random name generator site.   And, for the record, the folks who make Smash journals do not sponsor this contest.  It's just little ole me, cuz I love you guys soooooooo much.

Writing Contest Week Three Winner Announced

Santa_noel_pere_269264_mIt is Friday, and time to announce the winner of the week three contest, which just so happens to be a spot in my Make Money Writing class which begins in January.

I've been trying to think of some brilliant ideas on winning to include in this post, but I fear that that word is now permanently linked to Charlie Sheen, and though he's dropped out of his news since his meltdown earlier this year, he really doesn't need more publicity.

My only thought on this contest is that I wish every single one of you who entered could win!  I do so appreciate each and every one of my readers.  But I ran the names of everyone who entered in the handy dandy random name selector and it came up with….

Are you ready?

Sandra Pawula from Always Well Within.

This makes me happy because Sandra said she really, really wanted to win!

Sandra, email me and I'll send you info about the class.

And, guys?  I've got a Merry Christmas email planned for tomorrow, so come on back by if you get a chance.  And don't forget that on Monday you'll have one last chance to win a December prize!


December Writing Contest Week Three

Everystockphoto_176620_mI like to call my little December promotion a writing contest, because, after all, you do have to write a comment to win.  But even if you wrote the crappiest comment in the world and the random selector chose you, I would give you the present.  So don't worry about composing the Great American Novel or anything.

Since this is week three, let's do a little recap.

The prize for week one was a Moleskine journal, and the winner was Nicole Wolverton.  (Nicole, I'm still waiting for your mailing address.)

The prize for week two was a set of disposable fountain pens, and the winner was Zan Marie Steadman (who should win prizes all the time simply on the basis of her name). CORRECTION: I have just been informed (see first comment) that it is Zan Marie Steadham, not Steadman.  Sorry, Zan Marie!  I still love your name!

There are two weeks left, but since this week is the week before Christmas (just a little reminder for you, in case you had forgotten), I'm giving away the big one, the Grand Kahuna, the mother of all prizes.


It is a free pass to my Make Money Writing class.  I'm not going to spend a lot of time hyping the class here, because this is about you guys, my wonderful readers, not me.  But you can read more about it on the class page, and let me just say this: people ask me all the time how to make money writing and this is my answer.

And by the way, should you be a non-writing civilian who has chanced upon this page, I'm feeling generous and gracious today, so if you leave a comment you can enter on behalf of a loved one.  Okay? Okay. 

Here's the question you need to answer in order to win (and remember, you're not being judged): If you could be guaranteed that anything you wrote made money, what would you choose to write?

I'll post the winner on Friday, Dec. 23rd, two days before Christmas, according to my calendar.  Don't thank me for the reminder, I like to be helpful.

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The photo is of you writing and making money at it, and its by Zion, from Everystockphoto.