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Writing Contest Week Three Winner Announced

Santa_noel_pere_269264_mIt is Friday, and time to announce the winner of the week three contest, which just so happens to be a spot in my Make Money Writing class which begins in January.

I've been trying to think of some brilliant ideas on winning to include in this post, but I fear that that word is now permanently linked to Charlie Sheen, and though he's dropped out of his news since his meltdown earlier this year, he really doesn't need more publicity.

My only thought on this contest is that I wish every single one of you who entered could win!  I do so appreciate each and every one of my readers.  But I ran the names of everyone who entered in the handy dandy random name selector and it came up with….

Are you ready?

Sandra Pawula from Always Well Within.

This makes me happy because Sandra said she really, really wanted to win!

Sandra, email me and I'll send you info about the class.

And, guys?  I've got a Merry Christmas email planned for tomorrow, so come on back by if you get a chance.  And don't forget that on Monday you'll have one last chance to win a December prize!


0 thoughts on “Writing Contest Week Three Winner Announced

  1. J.D. Frost

    Merry Christmas, Charlotte.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, J.D., and same to you. Hope its a great one for you and your family.

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