Valentine’s Day Giveaway for Writers WINNER ANNOUNCED

AND THE WINNER IS….KATE ARMS-ROBERTS! Yay, Kate.  Please email me with your address and so we can discuss mechanics of sending me pages.

Okay, here's what you've been waiting for: the next writerly giveaway.  After the success of my Christmas giveways, I've been chomping at the bit to offer another one.  Enter Valentine's Day. (Which is a week and a day away, by the way.  Just reminding you.)

This writerly holiday prize is two part.  Ready?  Here you go:



1.  A Smash journal to keep your ideas in.  I have a blue one of these and it is fabulous, even though I think it is designed for teenagers.  (We're all young at heart here.)  Why is it so fabulous?  Because its got a perfect bound cover, but is spiral-bound inside.  And all the pages are different, so you don't get bored.  But here's the number one reason why it is so flippin' fabulous: because the pen that is attached to it is also a glue stick.  So you can paste things in as easily as you can write in the journal.  As I mentioned, I use it for my idea journal.  (The cool thing about idea journals is that if you gather ideas in them and then close the cover, they mate while you're not looking.)  Check out this link to the Smash journal page of Amazon to read more.


2.  A 25-page manuscript critique from me.  Doesn't matter what you're writing–a novel, a memoir, an article, a creative non-fiction piece or something else, I'll read it and critique it for  you. 

Good deal, huh?

So, by now you are wondering how to get yourself entered in this contest, no doubt.  Here's the skinny:  all you have to do is leave a comment below answering the question, what are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Easy, huh?  You don't even have to confess anything about your writing.  Just tell us what your Valentine's Day plans are, (and if you don't have any that's okay, too, just write about that) and you'll be entered into the contest for the journal and the critique. 

Oh–by the way, check back here on the 15th, when I announce the winner, who I select at random by a random name generator site.   And, for the record, the folks who make Smash journals do not sponsor this contest.  It's just little ole me, cuz I love you guys soooooooo much.

0 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway for Writers WINNER ANNOUNCED”

  1. In the early afternoon I am meeting the local weatherman at the station. I will threaten to hit him in the face with a strawberry pie on air if the night is not cold enough to light the fireplace. I am coming home from work with a rose in my teeth, chocolate on my breath, and a bottle of coconut rum in my hand. Then I will convince my wife that one can actually see the constellation Orion in the paint spatter on our ceiling if she lies on her back and gazes upward for a couple of hours.

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  3. Valentine’s Day is one of those days that my hubby and I don’t do the expected. Other than a lovely card (his to me are usually “signed” by the pups as well)and some time alone, just the two of us…with a whiny sound track from above mentioned doggies sentenced to stay on the floor, we’re good. No gifts. No need to add to anyone’s stress. ; )

  4. Zan Marie, your low-key Valentine’s Day sounds about like mine…its impossible go to out to dinner because things are so crowded. I like to celebrate the holiday the entire month, thinking of February as the month of love in the universal way, and not just the romantic way.

  5. I will be scrambling to finish a paper at the last minute, but perhaps I will procrastinate even more in order to make a cheesecake for my friends and myself.

  6. I live in Paris, France, so you’d think I would have incredibly romantic plans for Valentine’s Day. Nope. I’ll be taking it easy and just doing things I like to do for myself: write, play the piano, go to dance class. Voila!

    Thanks for offering the contest!

  7. Sion, Well you live in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, so its Valentine’s day every day! And your day sounds incredibly romantic already and very French: paying the piano, going to dance class. Wonderful! Thanks for coming by.

  8. I will be preparing dinner for Sharon after which we’ll take a long drive to somewhere to have a quiet dessert! And if the weather is bad, we’ll have dessert at home!

  9. We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, because whenever I mention it, my husband says, “When is Valentine’s Day again?” And he’s serious! On the other hand, he does the dishes and the laundry and cooks regularly, so I figure I’m ahead of the game.

    So . . . Tuesday. . . I imagine we’ll go to work, and come home, eat leftovers and I’ll go to water polo practice and hubbie will stay at home and work on his bike and try to stay up until I get home.

    No cards, no chocolate, just the usual I love you sort of stuff.

  10. Susie, And that sounds like love in action to me. My husband is like your husband, he can never quite remember when holidays are on the calendar. Have a great, normal, holiday.

  11. It’s probably not something you expected, but I’m not planning on doing anything on Valentine’s Day. I refuse to celebrate my love and affection on a day that was designed to make me spend more money. So after I’m done with work, I’ll probably go home, make myself an extra big mug of tea and write until I reach another milestone on my story. If tthe timing works out, it might even include a romantic scene.

  12. Jane, I hear you and I agree. I sometimes rebel against Mother’s Day for the same reason…my antidote to the commercialism of Valentine’s Day is to declare February the month of love, as in universal love, embracing of all kinds of love. Thanks for commenting!

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