Winners of Christmas 2013 Giveaway Announced!


Hope you had a great Christmas–I did.  

Okay, so we've got that done with, let's get to it:  announcing the winners of the Christmas 2013 giveaway.  Here we go:

Dani wins the 25 page critique.

Leigh wins the Moleskine journal.

Mary wins a copy of my novel.

Okay, but that's not all.  I've decided to give away 2 bonus presents.  Let's call them New Year's gifts.  Why? Because both of the recipients mentioned that they wanted it in the comments.  And both of them are loyal, long-time readers who I love and adore.  So here goes:

Zan Marie wins a critique of 25 pages.

And so does Don.

I can't wait to read your work and/or send you your gift.

If you are a winner, please contact me with Christmas 2013 Winner in the subject line and I'll make arrangements with you.  If you won either the novel or the journal (Mary and Leigh, here's looking at you), I'll need your physical address.  

(By the way, I used this site to pick the names.)

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  1. That critique is a great prize. I purchased a similar service from Charlotte. My wasn’t free but it was worth much more than I paid.

  2. Hmmm…. Does Don mean the Don that is writing this, because there is a lot of Donnie’s running around these days? You gotta watch out for them rascals as some of them, like the one that is writing this, gets easily confused and what have you? :O)

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