Christmas 2013 Giveaway

Christmas_ornament_green_268996_lI haven't done this for a long time.  

So, because of that….and because it's Christmas….and because I truly love and adore every single one of my readers….

Let's celebrate with a giveaway!

Yay, rah rah as my sister and I used to say.  (Don't ask.  There's no reason for it.)

First, the good part–the gifts.  I'm giving away three total, one per winner:

1.  A critique of 25 pages of your manuscript.

2. A moleskine journal.  These are my favorite, though I use all kinds of other notebooks for journals as well.  If I were you and I won, I would choose the violet cover shown in this link, but you can go for basic black as well.

3.  A copy of my novel, Emma Jean's Bad Behavior, personally signed to the lucky winner!  (Or, if you prefer, you can get it in Ebook format.)

Second, what you gotta do to win:

Promise you'll write at least 1000 words a day every day in the new year.  Kidding! (Though its not a bad idea.) 

What you have to do is leave a comment completing this sentence:  All I want for Christmas is…..

That's it!  How much easier can you get?

I will choose the winner via a random name selector on December 27th.   Because I can't guarantee how things will shake out, I'm also going to disperse the gifts randomly as well (though if you've really got a hankering for one, tell me that, too and I'll see what I can do).   

So please, comment away!

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Ledger D' Main
12/19/2013 01:54

All I want for Christmas is……uhmm…all I want for Christmas is…ahhh…ahhh…sorry, I got nothing…no wait…ahhh…nope lost it…

12/19/2013 04:38

All I want for Christmas is…..bravery, discipline and inspiration. Maybe one of those tablets (pills) featured in the movie Limitless.

12/19/2013 05:18

All I want for Christmas is time with my daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren (and some photographs of them from the past year.) Family time is truly the best gift I could receive.

Thanks for a chance at the giveaway. I hope all is well with you, Charlotte. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

12/19/2013 05:24

All I want for Christmas is peace, love, a blessed and happy 2014 for everyone.

12/19/2013 06:04

All I want for Christmas is… time enough at last, to borrow a TWILIGHT ZONE title, for writing. I’ve put my writing so far down on my list of priorities that it’s nearly fallen off a few times. :-(

And if I win, Charlotte, as much as I’d love a critique from you, I don’t have nearly enough pages for that yet. So the journal or your book would be wonderful!

12/19/2013 06:13

All I want for Christmas is a multi-million dollar book deal. And someone else to revise my first drafts for me. 😛

12/19/2013 06:23

I'm sure there's something you desire in that creative brain of yours!

12/19/2013 06:24

Haha, good call, I'd like one of those pills, too!  And I love your words.

12/19/2013 06:25

I agree–family time is so precious.  I'm getting a lot of it this season, and I'm so grateful.  Happy holidays to you, too!

12/19/2013 06:25

Nice sentiments, J.D.–and back atcha!

12/19/2013 06:26

Genia, I know that you're a prolific writer, so I truly hope your Christmas wish comes true!  And I'll be happy to send either the book or the journal if you win.

12/19/2013 06:26

Hear, hear on the book deal!  It could happen next year!

12/19/2013 06:52

All I want for Christmas is time for writing and art–balanced with time with my family.

12/19/2013 07:04

All I want for Christmas is… to know what i want, to know what i want, to know what i want!
All I want for Christmas is… know what i want,
to know
what i want!

12/19/2013 07:24

That's pretty much my wish always.

12/19/2013 07:25


12/19/2013 11:20

All I want for Christmas is good health

12/19/2013 11:24

All I want for Christmas is a few nights of good sleep strung together so I can write.

As for the gifts…I’d really love the critique. Can’t get enough of those. 😉

12/19/2013 13:26

Very important–without our health, we have nothing.

12/19/2013 13:27

Ah yes, sleep is important, too!  I would love to critique your work, Zan Marie!

12/19/2013 13:52

You are so fun! What I really want for Christmas is peace on earth and through the universe, all galaxies, and through space and time!!!!!

12/19/2013 15:04

A wonderful wish, Sandra!

12/20/2013 10:23

All I want for Christmas is: aside from health and happiness for my kids and hubby, I pick a literary agent who loves my voice and who will fight for me and my books.

I’m guessing that if I asked for new rain boots, the odds would improve. :)

12/20/2013 10:32

I'll second that on the literary agent–and I'll root for you to get your Christmas wish as well (including the rain boots).

12/23/2013 10:32

All I want for Christmas is to win a critique of my last work, now stuck in limbo, and plus a new Mercedes S 63 AMG, metallic silver, panoramic roof, and all the extras….. and, while I’m at it, I wouldn’t mind having a sexy German Fra to go with it, and maybe my neighbours new 8-million dollar home to park it in!

But, I’ll be more than satisfied with a 25-page critique!

12/23/2013 11:06

I can't help you with the Mercedes, the $8 million home or the sexy German, but hopefully I can with the critique!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Don!