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Charlotte Rains Dixon  

Gratitude, Schmatitude: Writers, Let’s Complain Instead

turkey_gobble_dinner_268746_lToday is Thanksgiving day in the United States.  For those of you living in other parts of the world, our Thanksgiving is a day to feast and be grateful (never mind that it is slowly getting co-opted by big box stores trying to sell Christmas stuff early).  It began waaaay back in the day, when the first settlers of our fair land, the Pilgrims, made it through their first winter and subsequent harvest season and threw a feast to celebrate.  They even included the locals, Native Americans without whose help they wouldn’t have survived.  (Fat lot of good it did them in the long run.)

As mentioned, gratitude and gratefulness are cornerstones of this day.  And to that I say–bah humbug!  No wait, that’s the wrong holiday.   To that I say–uh uh, no way.  Because, c’mon, we writers have a lot to complain about.  Such as:

  1. Writing is hard.  It just is.  It takes a lot of energy to throw words at the page, make them sound pretty, and have them make sense.  And never mind that you also have to come up with a great story.
  2. The publishing industry sucks.  They pay all their money to a few star authors and ignore the rest of us.  It is slow and dinosaur-like and in general the worst business model ever in the history of the world.
  3. Even when you get published, your book won’t sell.  Because, like, all those stupid self-publishers are out there gumming up the works with their crap.  Our brilliant tomes don’t stand a chance.
  4. There are all kinds of scams preying on writers.  Yeah, its just too much effort to figure out who gives good advice and who doesn’t.  Easier to become an actuary.
  5. Sitting is bad for you.  And lord knows, one must sit for hours at a time to write.
  6. You have to learn grammar! Enough said.
  7. And you probably have to read poetry to be a real writer.  One word: ugh.

Oh, I could go on and on–I’ve not even touched on writer’s block for instance–but I’ll leave it to you to add some complaints to your list.  And today, at the Thanksgiving table, be sure to sigh loudly and mention all these complaints when the topic of gratitude comes up.   I’m certain your assembled guest will be delighted.  And if not, pour yourself another glass of wine and mutter about how misunderstood writers are.

But wait.  What about that moment when you sit up in bed in the middle of the night because you’ve just gotten the idea that pulls the whole book together?  Or the time when you write the most beautiful, heartbreaking sentence known to man? That feeling you get when you’ve completed a writing session and you are in love with everything in the whole world? What about all that?

Yeah, its all that stuff that keeps me writing.  Plus the fact that in however many years I’ve been doing this, writing is the one thing that has never gotten boring to me.  Ever.  And those of you who’ve been reading my blog and newsletter for awhile know that I’m a big fan of a lot of woo-woo stuff like gratitude and that this is written with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

Because I am so grateful to be a writer I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I love every aspect of it, even all the things I listed above, and I detest the kinds of writers who think its cool to complain so much.  So today, on Thanksgiving, let’s all give our deepest, most humble thanks for this wonderful work that we get to do.  For the stories we get to tell, the fun we get to have every single time we sit down at our desks.

And the truth of the matter is that I’m actually complaint-adverse.  Or at least I try to be. There’s nothing that turns me off faster than listening to someone bitch and moan.  Especially if it is about writing!  So let’s all celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving (it is NOT just the day to be endured before Black Friday) and be grateful.

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0 thoughts on “Gratitude, Schmatitude: Writers, Let’s Complain Instead

  1. S.P. Bragg

    You have to have patience!! Why can’t you write an entire novel in an afternoon? Obviously, I have none. There you go… my complaint!

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Ha! Ha, ha, ha. Would that one could write a novel in an afternoon….good complaint.

  2. J.D.

    You don’t want to get me into my rant mode. lol. I can whine with the best, but not now. The Food Network should’ve been filming the amount of calories I’ve consumed. Maybe I’m destined for the competitive eating circuit. Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday to get a handle on. When I was in grammar school, we made turkeys from construction paper. Back then the pilgrims had a much bigger role in my Thanksgiving. Now it’s a day of excess for me. Our governor, a man I’ve come to hate (not good because I’ve never met him and I shouldn’t feel that way toward anyone) was helping dish out meals to the homeless today. That’s something I need to work on–that hate part and my own contribution. I’m so blessed but there were times, and not so long ago, when the future looked bleak. It’s in those scary times, we make promise after promise to God. Today, I am in a life that seems magical. Thanksgiving is hard to get a handle on. It really isn’t a religious event but I would be a fool not to say a prayer.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Oh J.D., how I adore you. I made a few of those turkeys myself–and also a pilgrim or two. Yeah, you’re right, I don’t notice so much talk about the pilgrims anymore. I’m still pissed off that Black Friday has taken over the holiday–it used to be the only holiday that wasn’t commercialized. I do know you have much to be grateful for and so do I. We are lucky. I am grateful.

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