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Otherwhere: November 21

PiepieIt is a sunny but very cold Saturday here, and I’m holed up inside trying to finish up my NaNoWriMo word count for the day before I start in on yet more cleaning in anticipation of hosting Thanksgiving.

But, as always, or at least for the last two weeks, I have saved up a lot of cool links as I travel the internet and I share them with you today.  Most of them have to do with writing, as befits a writing blog (duh) but I threw in a couple bonus links on other topics, too.  Here goes:


I didn’t find as many useful past as usual this week, but I do offer you a collection of posts on writing scenes.  I went in search of these for a student.  Collectively, I think they are helpful:

10 Ways to Launch Strong Scenes

Excellent advice here.

The actual advice in this post is a bit too anal for the way I write, but there are some interesting examples of scene lists from famous writers here.

This post is titled How to Write a Scene, and it may just help you do that. Let’s hope.

And, how about some writing prompts specifically oriented to getting you deeper into your scene?  Here you go.

Social Media

I adore Instagram.  I used to spend spare moments scrolling through my Facebook feed, but now I look at Instagram instead.  However, I’ve been a bit stumped as to how to use it effectively as a writer.  After all, there’s nothing particularly fascinating about photo after photo of a computer.

This post from Jane Friedman offers ideas.


Of course you need posts on pie.  Because, it is almost Thanksgiving.  And who isn’t baking pies this week?

Quiet Reflection–Making Pies From Scratch

Thanksgiving Pie Ideas

“Be Happy, Make Pie”

How to Make Pie Dough

Okay, enough with the pies. A couple other items of interest:

Here’s a brief, interesting history of Black Friday.

And, for the knitters, this post on knitting Icelandic sweaters makes me drool.  Its all I can do to stop myself from ordering pattern and yarn.  Except I have declared a moratorium on all yarn purchases until 2050, which is about when I will have finished all my current projects.

And now I am off to organize the hall closet so we can actually fit coats in it.  And dream of pie.  And cozy Lopi sweaters.

0 thoughts on “Otherwhere: November 21

  1. J.D.

    Such a sinful post. I used to tell myself that I was above all that–tell myself I really didn’t like pie or cake. With time, I have, like everyone else, shed my inhibitions. I foresee the day when I’ll wear my desires on my sleeve. After looking at Pies From Scratch and Thgving Pie Ideas that will mean a pie patch on that sleeve. Those pies from scratch look so good, like the ones from the old cooking shows, when they slide a gooey mess into the oven and then wahla! a perfect pie appears on the counter. I”m a sucker for pecan pie, especially when the top of the “crust” is crunchy. Today, I was in Walmart buying their excellent $3.44 Oak Leaf merlot and found a bin of Honeycrisp Apples. I don’t know if you eaten a Honeycrisp. They have such a snappy, clean taste. I’m tempted to learn cooking so I can make a pie with those. Not gonna happen though; can boil water given a couple of tries.

  2. Charlotte Rains dixon

    I swear to you, making pies is not that hard. Get a few glasses of that lovely $3.44 Oak Leaf merlot in you and you’ll be going to town! And Honeycrisp apples would make a lovely pie. Next time I’ll see I’ll teach you how to make a pie. Oh that probably won’t happen. But its a nice idea.

  3. dyoung

    Instagram is most marvelous. Just a computer as a writer? Pish. What inspires you as a writer? Don’t just use it as a writing tool, or a tool for marketing writing. Use it as your outlet of showing others what inspires YOU as a writer. My IG is all about me as what inspires me. What breathes life into me. In all areas. Not just my writing, but that’s how I use it. You’re the master of your own IG domain…:)

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      It is marvelous, isn’t it? And you have very smart recommendations about how to use it!

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