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Charlotte Rains Dixon  

Five on Friday: It’s Still February

In some ways, the beginning of the year feels like it was an eon ago, yet, in others, it feels like this winter has been a long slog.  Ah, but there are always things to distract. Such as:

What I’m Reading.  My library has a “Lucky Day” shelf, full of currently popular books. You can check out two of these at a time.  I have, upon occasion, had the experience of putting a popular book on hold, resigned to the idea that hundreds of others thought of it before me, only to find said book on this shelf.  Last week’s nab was The Woman in Cabin Ten. I’d heard a lot about this book and it has been on the bestseller list, so I snatched it up.  Um, the jury is still out on this one.  I started it a couple nights ago and thought I’d not finish it. Lo, the main character is a whiny, complaining, hot mess who is not a lot of fun to be around.  And you know how you just get a certain feeling about a book, bad or good as you start reading? I got that bad feeling. But I picked it up again last night and now I’m confused with all the characters on the boat, which is apparently going to be the main setting for the mystery.  I like the character even less but for now I’m pressing on. Maybe because a writer can learn as much from a book she doesn’t like as from one she does.  Have you read this book? Impressions? Leave a comment.

What I’m Watching. This is embarrassing to admit, but a lot of silly sitcoms. I’ve never been that into them–I missed the Friends boat entirely, and don’t throw tomatoes at me, am not a fan of Seinfeld.  But I’ve been watching Modern Family, Life in Pieces, Mom, and a couple of new ones: Kevin Can Wait and Man With a Plan. God, what’s wrong with me? Maybe it is because I always tend to fall asleep in front of the TV?  Or perhaps because after being up since around 5, my brain can’t take anything more sophisticated in.   Though I do also like Hawaii Five-O.  I’m going to blame it on winter. I need some nice long evenings to sit outside, stat!

What I’m Writing In: A good old-fashioned composition book. Here’s an article about the history of this humble little notebook and one designer’s attempts to update it.  I use the cheap kind you can buy at just about any store. My most favorite thing to write in is a moleskine, but I fill those babies up really fast, so I go to the comp book as a favored second. It’s kind of fun to see how they’ve inspired others as well.

What I’m Making: My third pink Pussyhat, for my friend and coach Anne Presuel, who has requested one.

What I’m Doing This Weekend: Teaching all day tomorrow at the Let’s Go Write structure workshop, and then seeing Arun Gandhi speak on Sunday afternoon. He’s the grandson of Mahatma, and I’m looking forward to hearing his message.

What are you doing this weekend? Leave a comment. And I hope your days include some writing.

0 thoughts on “Five on Friday: It’s Still February

  1. jdfrostblog

    My weekend has come and gone. My plan was to attend a choral event nearby, but we ended up serving an unscheduled dinner to some family. I just finished reading “Waiting for Columbus.” What a strange book. It is a masterpiece because each time I read one I get the same strange “What was that?” feeling. I am currently reading the medical bio-drama, “Brain on Fire.” I am writing. I’m also searching for some extra energy. Peace. Love.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Hmm, Brain on Fire sounds pretty interesting. Are you working on the next Moses mystery?

      And serving unscheduled dinners to family is the story of my life.

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