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Charlotte Rains Dixon  

Are You Doing Your Thing?

My writing has been going well lately. Bliss!

You’ll be singing like Maria when you Do That Thing

When it is going well, I find it much easier to do. I get up early, grab a cup of coffee and go right to my computer. I scan my emails (just to make sure there’s nothing that need my immediate attention, which is  load of crap I tell myself because there never is) and then I get right to it.  And usually I write until breakfast. And, oh yeah, that pesky thing called taking a shower and making myself presentable. (Never mind that there are some days this doesn’t happen.)

Writing–working on my novel–in the morning is my thing. The thing I want to do more than anything. The thing that makes me happy. The thing that moves me further towards my goals.

What is your thing?

I know you know the answer to that question. But here’s an even more important one:

Are you regularly doing that thing?

It could be writing. (Since you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing that it is.) But maybe it is something else. Maybe you have a burning desire to become an accountant.  (Stranger things have happened.) Maybe you want to make $10,000. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds. Or run a marathon. Or get a dog.  Or plant a garden.

We all have things we want to do, and when we are doing them we light up.

But often, too often, we don’t let ourselves do our thing.  And then we are gloomy and gray.  Or maybe we pretend we are okay, but that little voice inside our head knows better and says otherwise. Try as we might to squelch it, up it pops at the damnedest of times, like at 3 AM in the morning, or when the boss is glaring at you.

“Why aren’t you doing that thing?”

So let me ask you: are you doing your thing?

If not, consider joining my Do That Thing group coaching and accountability program.  I’m starting this baby out in beta while I get all the kinks out. It is six sessions, designed to get your thing, whatever it may be, launched. And since it is beta, it is DIRT FREAKING CHEAP.  I plan to offer this again next fall, at double or triple the cost.

We begin May 18th.  And while there will be lots of ass kicking, there will also be lots of fun.

So head on over to the Do That Thing page and check it out!

0 thoughts on “Are You Doing Your Thing?

  1. Don

    My thing is to do a little writing in the morning, more-or-less a preparatory thingy in and-of-itself, so I can do most of my writing in the evening, being the night-owl type of person that I am.

    Of course, before anything, I like to read my Bible both in the morning and evening. Once I’m doing my ‘thing’ I usually forget to do the other things…. like eating, washing, etc.

    1. Charlotte Rains Dixon

      Ha! That means that you are totally wrapped up in doing your thing–and that is a very good thing! Glad to hear you are doing some writing!

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