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Charlotte Rains Dixon  

You Have a Choice (A Love Letter)

You have a choice.

You wake up in the morning and you get to open up your kitchen cupboard and decide—coffee? Tea? Smoothie? All of the above?

You open your closet and you get to choose what to wear.  (Or, if you work at home like me, you get to decide if you’re going to bother to get dressed or stay in your jammies all day.)

You get in the car for the drive to work and choose which way to go. Freeway? Nah, its jammed up.  It’ll be surface streets this morning.

And most importantly, you have a choice about your writing. Specifically, how you feel about it.  This is one of the most important choices you will make each and every day.

Will you:

–Tell yourself its awful and nobody is ever going to want to read it so why bother anyway? And then make the choice to go back to bed or go eat chocolate cake instead of writing.

–Tell yourself it’s likely awful at this moment, but that’s why rewriting was invented to make it better. And then make the choice to sit down at the computer and write some more.

You can make the good choice! But sometimes it is really hard to remember this. The other morning I woke up cranky and out of sorts with the world.  Everything—including my writing—felt like a big blah, blah, blah. No color.

I dragged myself around feeling this way for awhile. And then I remembered. I have a choice. I can find a way to make myself feel better.  In my case, that particular day, it was meditation, because it had been awhile. But often I find the answer in the writing.

The funny thing is, I think I don’t want to do it. How can I write when I feel irritable, depressed, fill in the blanks? But making the choice to write always, always, always is the right one—because it always makes me feel better.

What will you choose today?

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