It’s Emma Jean’s Release Day!

Watch out, world, Emma Jean is here!

Today is the official release day of my debut novel, Emma Jean's Bad Behavior.  I promise we'll get back to regular programming (i.e., posts on writing and creativity and the writer's life) but for now indulge me while I celebrate.

In truth, the novel has been available at AmazonPowell's and Barnes and Noble for awhile now and I know some people have already ordered it and received it (thank you!).  But February 12th has been the official pub date for quite some time now, so it seems appropriate to mark it.

In case you haven't heard, I'm hosting a Virtual Release party later on today, with three signed copies of the novel and one admittance to my Get Your Novel Written Now class as prizes. Join me!

So far I've had an interview (it ended up actually being with Emma Jean) at Square-Peg People and a guest post at Always Well Within. I've got another guest post and two more interviews lined up for next week and I'll share the links on the appropriate days. 

I'll tell you the one thing I've learned through this release and that is how wonderful, gracious, and supportive people are–especially the people I've met through this blog.  You guys are wonderful!  This novel release is the fruition of a life-long dream and while it's been a bit nerve-wracking along the way, I remind myself how lucky I am every day.

So thank you to everyone for your support and if you do read the book and like it, please tell your friends.  Also, feel free to write review on any of the bookseller's sites!

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