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Getting Back To Writing

I was out of town last week and I didn't do any writing.  (Yes, you read blog posts while I was gone. I had them scheduled ahead of time.)  I didn't even have my computer with me, which was shocking even to me.  I never go anywhere without my computer (except to France, but I […]

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Consistency for Writers

Consistency. Yawn. The word is much like the word discipline in that it elicits yawns and boredom from us.  I mean, who ever got excited about the word consistency? And yet, consistency is how writing gets done. When you have a consistent writing practice, books get written.  Blog posts get written.  Essays get written.  I […]

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The Fine Art of Cultivation

The sun slants in my office window, turning the leaves of the orchids on the desk translucent.  Though the glass, I see a thicket of dead branches with a small brown bird hopping through it. The tips of the bamboo plant wave in a stiff breeze.   Further out are the roofs of neighboring houses, barren […]

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Writing Your Way Back To Yourself

This morning I woke up tired, headachy, and full.   Yesterday was, after all, Thanksgiving.  And I cooked for 12 people, which is enough to give anybody an exhaustion hangover.  As I stood in the kitchen, sipping my coffee, I thought that I'd skip my morning routine of writing first thing.  Because, well, I didn't feel […]

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