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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #5

Here's the latest collection of writing prompts from my Tumblr blog: #32  She fell down on her knees and prayed.  "Oh God, please…." #33  You have all the courage you need to do what you want.  Now that you know this, what will you do today? #34  A person you love is dying.  From his […]

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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #3

Here is my weekly round-up of writing prompts from my daily Tumblr blog. #18 Sometimes she looked for the answer in wine and sometime she looked for it in food.  On bad nights, she searched for it in cigarettes. #19 It’s Monday morning.  What’s the first thing your main character thinks of when she opens her eyes? […]

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Thursday Obsessions

My granddaughter, the lovely Olivia, who at 14 months is learning to walk quite efficiently, is here today and so no deep thoughts on writing.  While she naps, I'm compiling this post of things I'm currently loving (with thanks to Beverly for the inspiration). 1.  Suddenly, I'm all about writing practice.  I'm working on a […]

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Another Helpful Practice for Writers

Yeah, sometimes I have a one-track mind. Last week I wrote about some slightly different regular writing practices (beyond the usual round-ups of meditating and all the other things we try to do regularly and fail at).    And now here I am again, with the word practice in the title of the post. At […]

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10 Foundational Writing Practices

My church is currently featuring a series on foundational spiritual practices and as I listened to our minister a couple of Sundays ago, I started thinking (as always) about writing.  What, I wondered, would I consider to be foundational writing practices?  I pondered and made notes on this for a few days and this blog […]

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