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It’s In Deciding

What's one of the most powerful words in the English language?


As in, deciding to do something.  With all your heart and soul.  And then following through and doing it. No matter what.

There's magic in that there action.  Deciding and doing it.

I bet you've experienced this.  I know I have.  When I've absolutely, positively committed to something with no waffling, amazing things happen.  The problem is that most often we don't decide.  We don't commit, or we commit in a half-assed way, leaving ourselves room to weasel out if we end up not liking it.

I've been thinking a lot about this.  Last week I was in Orlando, at Suzanne Evans' 10K Coaching Club intensive.  Suzanne emphasizes the importance of deciding in the sales cycle and also in life.  Her position is that most of us wobble through life without really making strong decisions.  Not so with successful people.  They make quick decisions and follow through with action.

Deciding relates to writing, too (doesn't everything?).  Have you had the wonderful experience of deciding to write a story and feeling like it was almost channelled to you?  Or perhaps you have committed to writing a novel, and suddenly you are in that amazing space where every ounce of determination that you have goes to writing it.

Indecision is death to writing.  It is death to action.  And we are a society of indecisives.  To be a writer is to be decisive by the very definition of the word–you're putting words on paper, one after another, a decisive action in and of itself.   Writing is intentional, and intention is decision.

Are you with me on this?

Let's all decide to be more decisive about our writing, starting right here, right now, today. 

What will you decide to write?

***Something I decided to do that I feel really good about is host writing retreats with my friend and fellow writer Debbie Guyol.  Our first event is in San Antonio in October.  Check out more here.


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