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Call For Guest Posts

I'm going to be away the last week in April (at the Diamond writing retreat I'm co-leading) and the first week of May (in Maui, for a spiritual retreat with the women of my church.) The Diamond retreat is at an old hotel that was once a stagecoach stop that does not have Wi-Fi or […]

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Nashville Flooding

I had a blog post all ready in my brain to post today. But I can't. I'm totally distracted by news of the Nashville flood, trying to ascertain that all my friends are okay (so far all but a couple are accounted for, and several of those I've heard from have terrible damage).  Half of […]

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The Party’s Over

The last few weeks, I've been running a feature called Festive Fridays on, well, Fridays. But, I have to say, the party has been a bit of a dud.  Or at least it seems so to me.  The posts don't get any comments and I'm certainly not receiving breathless emails urging me to keep them […]

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Friday Question

Friday is often a busy day for me.  For whatever reason, lately my entire afternoon has been taken up with appointments.  And I just about always go out to dinner with family and friends on Friday night, because, I'll be honest, by Friday I really want a glass of wine. And, for whatever reason again, […]

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Revising a Novel: Slowly, Slowly

I have ideas for blog posts.  I have brilliant thoughts to share with you. I have illuminating commentary on the world at large. I even have a brand new journal that is going to be devoted to ideas and information for this blog. However, the journal has remained unopened, the ideas unprocessed, the thoughts simmering […]

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A Writer’s Diet: Slim Shots

Last week, Ray, my mailman, found me washing dishes in the kitchen.  He'd been knocking on the front door (haven't had a functioning doorbell in this house, ever) but I thought it was just the noisy construction guys around the corner, so I ignored the sound until he came around to the side door to […]

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The Accidental Vacation

I've been on hiatus.  Unlike when the television networks do this to one of their shows, this was not actually a planned break, just one of those things that happen once in awhile in the writing life.   Last week I moderated a panel at AWP, and as is the case with most conferences, didn't have […]

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I’m baaaaack

Please forgive the long absence (well, its only been a week and a half or so.  But that's an eon in blog years.) I have not been blogging for two good reasons:      1.  I was out of town. 2.  I have been having Thoughts, of a deep nature. Thoughts about what, you might ask?  Well, […]

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When The World, Or Your Scene, Is Flat

I've been having issues with flat scenes.  Flat scenes are problematic because you may not even know that they are flat.  You have a vague notion that something is wrong with the scene or chapter.  It is boring, or it just doesn't work for some reason.  You struggle and struggle to improve them, to make […]

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