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Call For Guest Posts

I'm going to be away the last week in April (at the Diamond writing retreat I'm co-leading) and the first week of May (in Maui, for a spiritual retreat with the women of my church.) The Diamond retreat is at an old hotel that was once a stagecoach stop that does not have Wi-Fi or […]

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Nashville Flooding

I had a blog post all ready in my brain to post today. But I can't. I'm totally distracted by news of the Nashville flood, trying to ascertain that all my friends are okay (so far all but a couple are accounted for, and several of those I've heard from have terrible damage).  Half of […]

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The Party’s Over

The last few weeks, I've been running a feature called Festive Fridays on, well, Fridays. But, I have to say, the party has been a bit of a dud.  Or at least it seems so to me.  The posts don't get any comments and I'm certainly not receiving breathless emails urging me to keep them […]

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Friday Question

Friday is often a busy day for me.  For whatever reason, lately my entire afternoon has been taken up with appointments.  And I just about always go out to dinner with family and friends on Friday night, because, I'll be honest, by Friday I really want a glass of wine. And, for whatever reason again, […]

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Revising a Novel: Slowly, Slowly

I have ideas for blog posts.  I have brilliant thoughts to share with you. I have illuminating commentary on the world at large. I even have a brand new journal that is going to be devoted to ideas and information for this blog. However, the journal has remained unopened, the ideas unprocessed, the thoughts simmering […]

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A Writer’s Diet: Slim Shots

Last week, Ray, my mailman, found me washing dishes in the kitchen.  He'd been knocking on the front door (haven't had a functioning doorbell in this house, ever) but I thought it was just the noisy construction guys around the corner, so I ignored the sound until he came around to the side door to […]

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The Accidental Vacation

I've been on hiatus.  Unlike when the television networks do this to one of their shows, this was not actually a planned break, just one of those things that happen once in awhile in the writing life.   Last week I moderated a panel at AWP, and as is the case with most conferences, didn't have […]

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I’m baaaaack

Please forgive the long absence (well, its only been a week and a half or so.  But that's an eon in blog years.) I have not been blogging for two good reasons:      1.  I was out of town. 2.  I have been having Thoughts, of a deep nature. Thoughts about what, you might ask?  Well, […]

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